Nike SB July 2009 Quick strikes

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Blazer and Dunk Low Peep game:

antihero tit boards

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I snapped this photo awhile back and forgot to post it... found it while cleaning up the desktop today. Titboards, we had em...

Garrett Perry Interview on 1817

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Click his Face, Check it Out

New Cal Surf Decks are in!!! Today!!!

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Here is the latest Cal Surf Deck!!!!!!!!! Repping TC!!!!

Maloof Money Cup Etnies Coverage

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Found some more Davis footy from the Maloof Money cup, head over to the Etnies blog, there is tons of it!

Here is a sequence and a pic i pulled from it:

New Nike SB, Dunk Mid and Dunk High

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New Nike SB, Dunk Mid and Dunk High, Check em out Sucka!

Maloof Money Cup Am Street Finals VIDEO

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Check it out Cal Surf's Davis Torgerson placed 5th, WAY TO GO!

Final Results:

1 Felipe Gustavo
2 Shane O’Neill
3 Ryan Decenzo
4 Abdias Rivera
5 Davis Torgerson
6 Theotis Beasley
7 Louie Lopez
8 Manny Santiago
9 Morgan Smith
10 Nick Merlino
11 Andrew Langi

Swell society B4BC wrapup

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Editor's note: I originally posted this on my blog but it should also be in the Cal surf blog, same post different blog, Garrett

On Thursday July 9th Swell Society hosted the Boarding for Breast Cancer poolside fashion show at the Calhoun Beach club. The weather was less then perfect and tried to literally rain on our parade, thankfully though the rain held up and the show was amazing. The models rocked some legit gear, the tunes were banging and the silent auction of lots of merchandise helped to raise money for breast cancer research. Quiksiler was in town with some of the coolest dudes I've had the honor of showing around town and came to the event. The night was one of the highlights of my young art career and a total blast!

Me and my buddy chuck aka charles mossey were there doing a live painting, we prepared the week before by working in my studio and doing many preliminary sketches, after many failed attempts we both agreed on an idea and composition that we liked. We wanted something elegant but also contemporary and fun, something we wanted to enjoy painting but also created visual awareness to breast cancer, or at least tie breast cancer into the piece.

All in all the night was a blast and the live painting went well, even though me and chuck were both a little anxious being that we had never done a live painting in front of a large group.

I also painted a bust that was auctioned of in the silent auction and my good friend Jesse Draxler did as well.

Here are the photos from the night, it is a mini photo documentary of one of my favorite nights of this summer so far.

Quiksilver Signing/Barbecue/Demo/Mayhem Session

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The Quiksilver team was going off at Oakdale on Friday evening. Justin Brock, Reese Forbes, Alex Davis and a few more Quiksilver dudes showed up to kill it along with a million other local kids, making a complete mayhem session. Some good skating (and snaking) went down along with a bunch of hotdog, steak, watermelon and candy eatin' brought out from the blazin grills of Mo-Daddy. As the food supply diminished, a quick respite from the mayhem left the team able to chill for a minute and sign some boards for their smallest fans before more chaos ensued as they climbed on top of the bus and started throwing out product. Kids were getting hyped with some gladiator mentality for a bit but I think almost every kid left happy with some fresh product. These guys know how to hook it up!

They also stopped in at the store earlier in the day to sign some posters and chill. Thanks to all the riders and Quiksilver dudes who came out and made this event fun, peep the mayhem below: