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On Wednesday April 1st we will be celebrating our 21st birthday. That's right 21 long good years of Cal Surf!!!

Spend $125, get a free Cal surf hat!
Spend $250, get a free pair of Cal Surf DC shoes!
All Snow Outerwear $150 or less!
All Snowboards $300 or less!
All Sale Shoes $39.99 or less!
Tons of deals! Stop in or Call 888.822.6840 for info!

April 1st only!!!

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word on the streets is davis's new nickname is well nicely done torgy! get some. you know your doing good things in the skate world when your in a video montage with the likes of peter ramondetta and dennis busenitz. get some holla at yo boi!

Davis has some tricks over at the real site check it out here

The Ramp House

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A Greek architectural firm was hired to design a "skateable habitat". Nicely done.

Active Files for Chapter 11 Bancruptcy

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Active Ride Shop filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last Friday. They have moved in on many other shops and were dropping stores everywhere. You move in close to Street Machine, Jack's, HSS, ZJ's Boarding House, Liberty Boardshop, and other good shops and Karma is going to kick you in the ass. With that being the case, Zumiez still intends to open 37 more stores this year. Could their time be comin? The big guys are falling!
More info and a list of free agents:


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Legendary skateboarder Eric Dressen teamed up with Vans Syndicate to design a 3-pack of Half-Cabs. These are not your typical half cab, featuring an array of materials such as: felt, suede and wool. Premium Labels including the Mister Cartoon Syndicate "S" on the inside panel. The details is what sets this Half-Cab apart from all others. Some of which are: Eric Dressen's golden signature, the embroidery on the premium bulked up tongue, and The Custom waffle design in the Vulcanized sole. Syndicate Vans go quick so get your pair before its too late.


Limited Edition Vans Syndicate x Eric Dressen
Original Half-Cab Design
Vulcanized Sole For Better Board Feel
Classic Waffle Sole

Deonte Lawson likes to lurk.

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Deonte is one of the classic shop lurkers. All shops have em, The local kids that stop in ALL the time and just hang out. Deonte stopped by today and was buggin me about putting him on the site. So i told him to grab a shoe and hold it up.

Deonte picked the Veloce, good choice. So here is your 15 minutes of fame Deonte, and no we dont have any free redbulls or vitamin water right now, you already drank them all.

CJ throw away footage from Barcelona

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