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check this out if you got nothing going on this sat.

Thrasher's S.O.T.Y.

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Thrasher Magazine announced today that Silas Baxter-Neal is 2008's Skater of the Year. Although I think this honor should go to Busenitz every year, I'm a big fan of Silas and think he's a very deserving recipient.

John Hodge interviews Joe Sexton

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If you like interviews, particularly the type where cal surf snow team duders interview each other, then house of 1817 has a treat for you! make sure to check it out hilariousness and awesomeness ensues. check it out here.

I hope you can see this, because I'm doing it as hard as I can.

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So we got these shoes in today(well actually yesterday) and if your a huge geek like myself you'll dig em. straight adult swim etnies exclusive check em out!

Inspired by the character Ignignokt from the series Aqua Teen Hugner Force

Designed by Adult Swim creative director Jacob Escobedo

buy em here

Zac Marben has got nice moves

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so its been awhile but Cal Surf Snow Team rider Zac Marben is now riding for Ashbury Eyewear. To celebrate the great news they made this little vid. There is actually nothing little about it. Zac rips and is a happy human. so if you see him around give em a high five and say: "nice moves". oh ya and best song ever?!