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John Makens is a Minnesota kid with a whole bunch of talent on a snowboard, and is probably the best surfer from Minnesota. He's a long time friend of the Cal Surf family and runs his own clothing company. He just moved his production to Bali, and here's a little edit of the trip.


Peep Show Teaser

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peep show teaser 2 from peep show on Vimeo.

word on the streets is that Tarah Michilot has gonna have tricks in this here flick, peep the teaser.


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Vans teamed up with Starter to release some of the best Snap Back hats ever created. Super Limited and available at only Top Vans Retail Accounts, so naturally we got 'em.


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In4mation is comprised of four partners, Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo and Rhandy Tambio. The concept of the name In4mation was from a popular cartoon VOLTRON, in which unique characters assembled to become one indestructible machine. The name In4mation and the “plus” logo mark symbolize a unique bond and signify In4mation’s positive outlook and welcoming attitudes attained by exploring varied paths of life. In4mation’s motto, “ I SHALL PROCEED…AND CONTINUE” is a catch phrase taken from an influential hip-hop band that serves as a reminder to follow our chosen paths and to keep on moving forward.

In4mation’s strength in this niche market is built upon a set of varied experiences, from being clothing reps, buyers, freelance designers and pro/am skate and surf team riders. Ryan, Todd, Rhandy and Jun have a resume list that embodies Hawaii’s action sports, lifestyle and retail market for the past decade.

Nike SB August QuickStikes

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The Dunk High comes in Blue Frost and Midwest Gold and is being nicknamed the "Mr Pac Man". It is being called the "Mr. Pac Man" because it was inspired by the classic arcade game. Super limited and will match the previously released "Mrs Pac Man's" which im sure you already own.

The Dunk Low comes in Hay and Hot Red and is known as the "Toxic Avenger". This Dunk has finally been released after being all over the internet for a bit now.

Also got the classics in a limited color

R.I.P. Les Paul

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Les Paul passed away today. He was 94.

Today was a good day...

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Extended version of the Nike SB commercial "Today was a Good Day" with Kobe and Koston, and Ice Cube.