Tiller Premier

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Speaking of premiers if your in st cloud check this one out.

Think Postitive Video Premier

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Make sure to check this out and support local riders and film makers.

Knuckle Butt Ross presents DICK JAM 09!

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Check out Dana Ross's Hill Sesh / Epic Bondfire!!!!!

This is what dana ross has to say:

My place. Meet at stillwater park fo hills at 6 and 9pm party starts at my place! you can camp in the back yard if you like.

I think what the little mad man is trying to say is that this Saturday, September 19, if you wanna bomb some hills on a skateboard and check out a bond fire head over to the StillWater Rec Center Skate park @ 6:00pm. Shred hills till 9:00 pm and then head over to Dana's for the Bonfire. Camping available in Dana's back yard....

Do it!!!