Hyland with House of 1817

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Shaky Phone Edit #4 from House of 1817 on Vimeo.

Paintin' Jason

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Matt Box uses water colors over a Jason Dill part.

Make More fun than a Markass Monday

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CJ Tambornino Wins Tampa Am 2011 Best Trick

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Congrats CJ!

Tampa Am 2011 Sunday Finals, Moat Race, and Best Trick from Skatepark of Tampa on Vimeo.

Cal Crew Hitting Big Sky Opener

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Now Offering Happy Hour

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Happy Hour Shades from SME Live on Vimeo.

Congrats Alec- New Flip Am

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Flip Skateboards Welcomes Alec Majerus from FLIP SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.

Joe getting busy on the West Coast

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Markass Mondays Season 2: EP2 from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.


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Working For The City2//Preseason2. from Working For The City. on Vimeo.

Fronius worked on Thanksgiving

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A Very Fronius Thanksgiving! from Working For The City. on Vimeo.

Small Business Saturday

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You can't try on, stand on or flex product in cyberspace!

Alan Gerlach Getting the Most out of Winter

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Corduroy Lifestyles Presents Corduroy Shorts #16 Backyard Session In Duluth

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Jordan Michilot early season Wild Mtn.

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Baby Jonas

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Jonas Michilot sponsor me tape from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

Jake OE is ready for Halloween

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Good Look Premiering Soon...

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Good Look: Joe Sexton Lobbled from PEOPLE FILMS (The People Crew) on Vimeo.

Pool Skater

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Cal Surf x 1817 Halloween Costume Extravaganza!

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 Cal Surf x 1817 Halloween Costume Extravaganza!

1817 & Cal Surf will be hosting a Halloween Costume Extravaganza at Cal Surf October, Saturday 29th. All you need to do is show up from 6:30-7:30pm


A short snowboard edit will be playing at the shop and you don’t want to miss it. ALSO, if you are in costume at the shop you are able to receive 10% all 1817, Cal surf, and Thirty Two gear.

THERE IS AN AFTER PARTY AT CAUSE SOUND BAR ON LAKE ST. AND LYNDALE AVENUE IN UPTOWN, MINNEAPOLIS. Hang out with Joe Sexton, Danimals, Cody Beiersdorf, Riley Erickson, Dandan, Jonas Michilot, Jake Olson-Elm, and the other fiends!!! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

 Make sure to check out Houseof1817 and Cal Surf often for updates!!!

Jan Jacobson Cal Surf Edit

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Jan Jacobson put together this edit for us. Some of his hammers from the summer.

Joe's back on Ashbury

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WELCOME HOME from Ashbury Eyewear on Vimeo.

Minneapolis Bald E-gal Premier of Convoy

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It's go time!

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Wolf Creek resort will open tomorrow, claiming this season's title as first seasonal resort to open for the 11/12 winter.

Danimals watching the Danimals Interview

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Danimals stopped by the shop today, like he often does and had not yet seen the VideoGrass Danimals Interview. Here is a clip of him watching himself, pretty funny.

if you havent seen the video yet check it out here

Fulton's Follies

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Working For The City Premiere Photos

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A few weeks back we had the Working For The City Premiere here at the shop. It was a great turn out and awesome video! Here are some photos from the premiere, better late than never right?

The man of the hour John Stark.

Double middle fingers Dan Mueller.

Brandon Larson, Justin Fronius and Jonas Michilot.

Cig crew. Justin Fronius.

House0f1817 in the house!! John Hodge and Joe Sexton.

Blake Reid, all smiles all day.

John Stark getting down.

Riley looking surprised.

Cody Beiersdorf with some red eyes.

working for the city 1

working for the city 2

congrats all around.

whats he looking at?

the end.

Danimals joins the VG Family

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Danimals Interview from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.


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Check out what Corey Smith over at Comune did last winter. Makes me hyped for snowboarding this winter! GET HYPED!!

River Ramblings

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Welcome to the team Max Eusterbrock!

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Cal Surf welcomes its newest skateboard team rider Max Eusterbrock.

Working for the City

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If you are in Laguna this weekend...

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Working For The City Premiere

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We will be premiering Jon Stark's latest snowboard video "Working for the City" on Saturday September 10th at 7:00 pm. Swing on by the shop with your buddies and check out this awesome snowboard flick. Featuring parts by Cal Surf snowboard team riders Justin Fronius and Blake Reid.

New Snowboard DVDs

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We got Three new snowboarding DVDs this week. Winter Wars, Ransack Rebellion, and VideoGrass's Retrospect. Come pick up your copy and get hyped for winter. More DVDs on the way soon

Tyson's and Jason's South American adventure

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Long time Minnesota residents and former park rats Tyson Crockett and Jason Trask have turned in their youngster status cards and started the transition to becoming men. Check out some of their exploits as they help spread the propaganda of Academy Snowboards to a little region in Argentina, know as Patagonia (Cerro Catedral). The duo was recently overheard explaining the change to big mountain riding stating, "When you graduate high school in the 90's it's just time".

SGT Argentina: Session 3 Snowboard from SASS Global Travel on Vimeo.

Our friend Aidan is a Hobo

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Welcome to the Team: Aidan Flanagan from Colin Walters on Vimeo.

How Muldoon spends his time away from the shop

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Day Two in Shanghai: Qualifiers and VIP Dance Parties from Rob Meronek on Vimeo.

Nike SB September 2011

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September Nike SB have arrived. Including "Low End Theory" Blazers, "Plum" Dunk High and more.


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Who's the first shop to stock the re-printed Check Your Six Minnesnowta Crew? We are! Thats Who.

TRICE on the Art of Flight

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Cool Hunting Capsule Video: The Art of Flight from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

North Coast Video Log

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Sorry we slept on this one for a minute Chris.

Comune Flick

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Jordan Michilot shows up at around the 10:00 minute mark, just in case arty flicks are not your bag.


Shark bitten

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Aaron "JAWS" Homoki - A Happy Medium 2 from Birdhouse on Vimeo.

More Fronius

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Session 6, 2011: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

Windell's Session 5

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Minnesota's favorite sons Justin and Blake are at it again in Session 5. I hope DC appreciates all of the mileage they are getting out of Justin this summer.

Session 5, 2011: Snowboarding from Windells on Vimeo.

Volume Skateboards went to the ST Cloud Plaza

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volume skateboards, st cloud plaza, jonathon reese, sam evensen, timmy johnson

Diggers Dinkin' and Dunkin"

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Blake and Justin show up in another Windell's edit.

Best Summer Ever: Windells Diggers from YoBeat on Vimeo.

Hobo at Hood

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Colin Walters traveled to hood to get a Hobo edit that includes our own Blake Reid.

Hood Vacation: Part 2 & 3 from Colin Walters on Vimeo.

take it to the movies

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in my experience every time i've raced anyone ive won. so... thats the good thing about it.

CJ Visits the pyramid

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enjoi skateboarding - demo donkeys from enjoi skateboarding on Vimeo.

Tim Bennett in Naysayer Promo

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Tim Bennett is rippin up the east coast in true Bennett style!

Andrew Bumgarner & Tim Bennett - Naysayer Skateboards "Know No" Promo from Naysayer Skateboards on Vimeo.

Camp Of Champions - StepChild week

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Here is the Camp Of Champions - StepChild week video that is stocked full of all the Joe Sexton video footy you could ever want. Enjoy.

Bonfire Snowboarding's 14th Annual Pipe To Pipe

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Bonfire Snowboarding's 14th Annual Pipe To Pipe from Salomon Snowboards on Vimeo.

Check out the Bonfire 14th Annual Pipe to Pipe Event. Its got snowboarding and skateboarding, pretty much what we are all about here at Cal Surf.


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Speaking of Joe Sexton and Camp of Champions, JP Walker has a nice little read about the life of a camp champion and Joe's mug is all over it. Check it out here.

Camp of Champions Week A 2011

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Week A of Camp of Champions has wrapped up. Cal Surf team rider and local ripper Viktor Simco were there shredding check out a video edit here.

justin fronius spotting

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MR Fronius getting some ender footy at the Windells Session 2. check it.


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Head on over to Yobeat to check out the interview with Cal Surf team rider Justin Fronius.

O.U.T. Championship

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Cal Surf, Familia and 3rd Lair teamed up this year to present the 10th annual OUT Championship at the Herkimer Bar and Brew Pub in Uptown. This is the 1st year the event was moved away from the skatepark. It coincided with the 1st Open Streets event, which closed Lyndale Ave to motorized traffic, so there was a ton of people out on bikes, skateboards, doing yoga in the streets, walking on stilts, etc. taking advantage of the closed major throughway into downtown. This led to a large, captive group of people taking in the fun flatland event.

The original bracket of 64 was narrowed down to the final 2 of CJ Tambornino and Rob Warren, both previous winners of this event. CJ made a straight sweep of the best 2 out of 3 finals. My personal highlights, other than CJ's tech wizardry, were watching Joe Sexton make the final 8 and catching our new team rider Matt Ohman making it into the semifinals. What started as a brisk overcast morning ended with a great event on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Thanks to everybody that attended.

Free Grip Fridays

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Starting June 10th we will be offering FREE Cons grip tape with the purchase of a skateboard deck on Fridays. So come in any Friday and get FREE grip with a deck purchase while supplies last.

Heartbeat Of Emerica Tour Recap

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Last Saturday some dudes from Emerica stopped by the shop to hang, sign some autographs, and grill up some hot dogs with us. These dudes weren't just your regular old skate dudes though they were Jerry Hsu, Heath Kirchart and Leo Romero.

They got to the shop right on time and to a packed house. There wasn't much time for Hsu, Kirchart and Romero to line up before they were mobbed by the eager autograph seeking kids.

After wards we walked to Lake Calhoun to try our luck at grilling up some hot dogs. Even though the wind wasnt doing us any favors we were able to get some dogs and brats grilled up, thanks to Jerry's quick thinking and fearless use of lighter fluid.

Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to Jerry Hsu, Heath Kirchart and Leo Romero for stopping by.

Welcome to the team Matt Ohman!

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DC Skateboarding invited Cal Surf, along with 29 other skate shops to compete in a contest to create the best 'wear test' video for Chris Cole's first signature shoe on DC.

Matt Ohman, our newest team rider, gives his review on the 'Chris Cole S' after skating them for a day in downtown Minneapolis.

Calhoun Cruz 2011

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Meet us at the shop June 5th at 12:30 for a cruise around Lake Calhoun.

Aaron "JAWS" Homoki - OLLIE

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if you havent seen this yet, watch it. holy crazy.

Meet Jerry Hsu Saturday, June 4!

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Cal Surf will be hosting the Heartbeat of Emerica tour at the shop Saturday, June 4 at 3:00. Heath Kirchart, Jerry Hsu and Skater of the Year, Leo Romero, will be chillin at the shop. After the meet and greet, we are going to head out and BBQ, most likely at Thomas Beach on Lake Calhoun. It is anybody's guess from there. 1st 50 people in attendance will receive a pair of Emerica sunglasses and we will be offering 10% off Emerica gear all day.

Jerry Hsu Emerica Stay Gold B-Side from Emerica on Vimeo.

Koston 1 Release June 4th

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We will be releasing the Nike SB Koston 1 on Saturday June 4th at 11 AM. Swing on by to snag a pair. and make sure to read Fink's product review and Launch Event recap here.


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This Friday head over to Honey in North East and check out this art show. do it!

Bloodtime Presents...

VICES INC is a four part collaboration between visual artists Garrett Perry, Jesse Draxler, Justin James Sehorn, and Chris Park.

Come party with us to celebrate 14 mixed media paintings shown for the very first time, each of which has been worked on simultaneously by each artists over the course of the last year.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the work:


Live music, dance party, mash up DJs include:





Garrett Perry - http://garrettperry.com/

Jesse Draxler - http://jessedraxler.com/

Justin James Sehorn - http://www.justinjamessehorn.com/

Chris Park - http://cparkart.com/


Sponsors: Copycats Media - L'Etoile - Cal Surf

21+ - http://bloodtime.org/

Heartbeat Of Emerica Tour

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Make sure to stop by on Saturday June 4th if you wanna meet Jerry Hsu, Leo Romero, Heath Kirchart and others. In Store Signing starts at 3PM and we will be BBQing after. See ya here!

Also make sure to check out the Stay Gold B-Side featuring Kevin "Spanky" Long:

Time Travel Coming Soon

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i cant wait for this new film by make productions! gonna be sweet!!

TIME TRAVEL from jakedurham on Vimeo.

Blind Premier This Saturday, May 21

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Red Bull Mind the Gap in Atlanta

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Red Bull Mind the Gap in Atlanta from Rob Meronek on Vimeo.

Holla at your boi CJ Tambo, he took 1st in the Red Bull Mind the Gap Contest down in Atlanta! Way to go CJ!

RIP Harmon Killebrew

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Brandon Wesgate Epicly Later'd

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Broken Crow in Mexico

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Here is a cool short documentary about our friends Broken Crow doing a mural in Mexico.

Broken Crow en México from Filmaciones de la Ciudad on Vimeo.

The Hundreds Phoenix Blue Rain

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The Hundreds Phoenix Blue Rain sunglasses are in stock! Make sure to hurry and snag a pair if you're feeling em cause they're going quick and super limited!