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This Saturday the Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez III will be released at 11 AM. Two colorways, both are shown above. Come early because they will go quick! Also, the first 20 people to purchase a pair will be entered into a contest to receive a secret limited edition Nike SB Prize. Only one prize, so good luck!

Red Bull Bail Out Video Part 2

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Here is some more footy from last Saturday! Holla!

Cal Surf presents the Red Bull Bailout

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The Fed 4 Stair was taken over last night by the Minneapolis skate community. Cal Surf and Red Bull hosted a jam format best trick contest at the infamous location. Red Bull had the numbers at 600 viewers and 68 skaters. I believe the final tally was 13 broken boards, but fortunately everybody walked away in one piece. However, I am sure a lot of kids were feelin it today.
We would like to congratulate Aaron Christensen for taking home 1st place and $1,000 with a Backside 360. 2nd place went to Dan Coe who landed a backside flip and a switch flip and 3rd place was held down by CJ Tambornino with a switch frontside flip.
A special thanks goes out to Josh Mohr and his team from Red Bull for all of their hard work and making sure the event happened, to Mark Leski for making the spot skateable, to the judges for staying on top things, to Todd Brown and Mike Munzenrider for the running commentary and especially to Dennis Burdick for organizing such a great event. Last but not least, thanks to all of the skaters of Minnesota for your continued support and for putting it on the line last night.