The Hundreds

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Spring The Hundreds showed up on Thursday. Oh my goodness is it looking good!  The hundreds is by far one of the freshest, cleanest brands we carry! Its all looking so good! You know your doing something right when you design a tee around the classic movie The Graduate

Stop in and get some freshness!!! or purchase online here

Rep it!

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Davis has been on a mission like a mad man. Game recognize game.
Watch for these to drop soon, we're getting the MPLS board. Stay tuned!!! Skateshops only!!!


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The new Alien Workshop video Mind Field is instock and For Sale

Kyle's Killer Product Reviews: Emerica Gary Busey Pro Model

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General rule of thumb...If you're gonna throw craze, throw craze. If you're gonna wear some craze, wear these.

Comes with everything you need to be the best skater ever, including the following...

- "Craze cool designs"
- "Swifs"
- "Swivels"
- "A lot of good gel."

Also come's with an "instant kickflip" if you purchase now.

Nike SB Jacket

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Got this little number into today. Seems fitting that we'd get a jacket in on a day when its freezing out! I thought or hoped that last weekend was a sign of the end of winter, but i guessed wrong... Solid jacket with some sweet details.