3 Minutes with Davis Torgerson

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3 Minutes with Davis Torgerson is Etnies' introduction of Davis on to their team. Dude is blowing up for sure! This is good interview/read, a must check out for sure!

click here to get learned.

Mound Opener

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This weekend goto Mound.

2 Flyers, same awesomeness.

Girl has partnered with (RED)

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Girl has partnered with (RED) to help AIDS victims. You can do your part if you wanna help, these boards are on order. check em out soon.

(click on here to watch Mike Carroll and Andy Jenkins discuss Girl's partnership with Product (RED), 23 megs)

Bacon Demo at Edina YMCA Skatepark.

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Bacon Skateboards is sending their riders to Renegade Skatepark to celebrate Renegades 2 year anniversary. They have also been invited to the Edina Skatepark to kick off the new season. Come on out and skate some concrete!