Zac Marben has friends

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Zac Marben stopped by the shop today with some of his friends. You've probably heard of them. Jon Kooley, Andy Wright, Seth Hout, Will Tuddenham, and Pierre Wikberg. They may or may not be out this week at your local hill so keep your eyes peeled.

Here is Will, Jon and Zac standing infront of zac's mural.

Twin Peaks, Veloce, Vans, Adidas and a sale

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We got shoes. This week a whole bunch of new shoes showed up. Nike, Adidas, and Vans.

The Twin Peaks are finally here, we've been gettin phone calls all month abou them and the wait is over!!! The new Nike SB model the Veloce is also in stock. The Vans and Anti hero collabo also came in.

So switch out your salt stained sneakers for some freshys.

We are also having a huge sale on the sale shoes. All previously priced sale shoes will be at the low low price of $50. Don't miss it.