Jordan Walczak & Cal Surf

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We would like to welcome Jordan to Cal Surf. He started working here last week. He's a rad dude that likes awesome music! Stop in and say hello to Jordan.

Skeleton Crew Teaser #6: Battle at the Garden w/ Jonas

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There was a little game of shred over at the rail garden in SLC. Jonas was there. he was out pretty quick but lnp and nick dirks battled and i mean battled! check it out:

Skeleton Crew Teaser #6: Battle at the Garden from Skeleton Crew on Vimeo.

its cold out

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in case you haven't noticed it is crazy cold out!!! for real, its deadly out there. feels like -28? is that safe...i dont know, prorbably not. stay warm out there.

dont beieve me go over to and watch this video

Just To Let You Know...

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I've had a few beers, I'm a little bitter, and someone gave me access to write on the Cal Surf Blog...fair warning.

"seal me up baby, i gotta stay fresh!"

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some people are just not made for this weather. local cal surf rep and local hate extraordinaire dennis is one of those people. i'm starting to think he's loosing his mind. tonight while working with him i looked over to see this and to hear him say: "seal me up baby, i gotta stay fresh!"

some people just can't handle the cold. stay warm this week, you dont wanna end up like dennis, trust me.

Nike Danny Kass Double Tongue

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Keep your eyes peeled for these sweet artsy boots later this month. They are the Danny Kass Double Tongue and you bet your hotdog that they are limited! head over to nike snowboarding to check em out, or watch the video below, or just wait till we get em in and come stop by.