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First, sorry about the lack of updates here, its been crazy around the shop with Spring stuff coming in so, anyways, here's a big update for ya with a little insight of what I'm feeling.
New shoes, tons. Nike Sb, Emerica, Cons, Adidas, Lakai... yeah TONS!!
Check em out!

and these are the ones i am particularly hyped on:

The Cons CVO.
Straight up just a good looking shoe, fits great and stylish. Paw.

Emerica Laced.

My good buddy Ryan got a pair of these a year ago. I would steal them from him all the time and rock em. Good shoe, good fit, and stylish. Also they do come with laces if your scared to rock em with out.

I pretty much told Scott when we were writing the order that if he didn't order this shoe i would quit. i wasn't joking. Good thing its here. that's how much i like this shoe. It new from Vans and has a similar fit and feel to the Chukka Low but with less padding in the tongue.

Nike SB Dunk High Aka "Cosbys"
Nike SB has brought its A game back with this Spring Dunk High. Good Ole Mr Bill Cosby would love to get his hands on these and match them to his sweater. ya dig?

Nike SB PROD 2.5
I have been hyping this shoe up for at least a year. Got a sneak peak a while back and have been waiting for the day they were released, well that day is today. Get some of the best looking PROD to date!

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