38 questions with jonas michilot

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1. Where do you rest your head at night?
catscan machine

2.last book read?
on the road.

3.what is playing on your ipod right now?
its not even on.

4.favorite animal?
Sea cucumber

5.beverage of choice?
52° F H20

5.mac or pc?

6.new york or LA?

somewhere in the middle

7.dogs or cats?
Puppies and kittens

8.hyland or buck?
Hyland 4 lyfe

9.Best MN Lake?

10.what would your last meal be?

11.best late night eatry?
grilled cheese

12.ever been in a fight? results?
yeah, i smashed in his ribs with my own skull

13.best/ favorite horror movie?
too scary for me.

14.most favorite toy growing up?

half circle poppers, and bouncy balls. they still are

16.favorite spot?
balls deep

17.fondest skateboarding memory/ day?
i cant make new memories

18.dreamer or doer?
i dream about doing it all the time

19.blondes or brunettes?
hazelnut/ walnut brown or grey.

20.Who does this position report to? If I am offered the position, can I meet him/her?
Fas long as its a reverse cowgirl position

21.influences in life?
mixed nuts

22.best John Hodge story?
putting a dead raccoon on his doorstep, and filming it...

23.new or used?
fresh and clean, baby, keep it pimp

24.wierdest spot you have peed in?
in someone's living room on their christmas tree, and on some girls leg.

25.Would you join the circus if you had the chance?
i would own that bad boy

26.if you had a million dollars what would you do?
burn it, then pee on it to put it out.

27.peanut butter or jelly? or both?

28.favorite socialite?
Chunky A. check out his music

29.should cal surf get a trampoline in the store?
yes and gym mats


30.If all Bloops are Razzies and all Razzies are Lazzies, then all Bloops are definitely Lazzies?
If a=b and b=c then a=c...

B**ch please, dont try me

31.Two ducks and two dogs have a total of fourteen legs.

totally true

32.Two of the following numbers add up to thirteen. 1, 6, 3, 5, 11
im not stupid, True

33.The gibbon exhibit at the mn zoo is the best exhibit.
no way, the bats are the best, and sparky.

34.dennis is a hater.

35.prince is overrated.
Fresh prince is better

36.text messaging is the only way to communicate.
it seems like it

37.question 20 was a trick question
i figured out the riddle

38. there was no question 15

davis is a winner!

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So davis is back in town from his trip with the deluxe team. and word on the streets is that he won the skateparkoftampa.com Viewers’ Choice award. Way to go Davis!!!


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There is a nice little piece about asr over at thrasher magazine. Its got some quality portraits, a video and some words by jake phelps. check it here

A Curious Case Indeed!

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This should get the Oscar nod for sure....Booyah!!!!