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Head on over to Yobeat to check out the interview with Cal Surf team rider Justin Fronius.

O.U.T. Championship

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Cal Surf, Familia and 3rd Lair teamed up this year to present the 10th annual OUT Championship at the Herkimer Bar and Brew Pub in Uptown. This is the 1st year the event was moved away from the skatepark. It coincided with the 1st Open Streets event, which closed Lyndale Ave to motorized traffic, so there was a ton of people out on bikes, skateboards, doing yoga in the streets, walking on stilts, etc. taking advantage of the closed major throughway into downtown. This led to a large, captive group of people taking in the fun flatland event.

The original bracket of 64 was narrowed down to the final 2 of CJ Tambornino and Rob Warren, both previous winners of this event. CJ made a straight sweep of the best 2 out of 3 finals. My personal highlights, other than CJ's tech wizardry, were watching Joe Sexton make the final 8 and catching our new team rider Matt Ohman making it into the semifinals. What started as a brisk overcast morning ended with a great event on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Thanks to everybody that attended.