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Why not?

Safety First

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Always wear a helmet and ride within your limits or you might get owned like this kid...

Gettin' Paid

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I can now claim paid author status. Snowboarder Magazine had me write an article for their magazine and another for their online site. I leave for Vegas on Monday and this should help out a little bit.


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Found this video over at http://snowboarding.transworld.net/. its got Cal Surf Team Rider Joe Sexton holdin it down in Big Bear. Check it out. Get Hyped and Go Shred!!!


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Lets get real for a sec and talk about a love for sneakers. this is the CONVERSE CTS LOW PERF LEATHER and it is the latest freshness from Converse. The shoe features white stiching around the tongue, gold eyelets and a breathy perf leather with a vulc sole.

This is a must have sneaker!!! I havent been this "go-go, ga-ga" over a shoe in a long time!!!

you can buy it here

today history is made

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Today Barack Obama's the new president. historic epicness on a whole new level. awesome.

Found this photo over at abc so epic!

Crowds have packed the National Mall ahead of the inauguration of Barack Obama. (AFP: Alex Wong)

KYLE'S KILLER PRODUCT REVIEWS!!! STRIDE GUM (with Xtreme Ash and Tony Eveready)

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We got tons of this sh*t at the shop. Why are we not giving it away? We seriously should, it would free up a lot of space in the warehouse.

Now I'm not the ultimate authority on chewing gum or anything, but I am a pretty knowledgable source on making out with ridiculously hot chicks. That being said I can confidently tell you that if a tight little philly came up with a stick if this Stride Rite gum in her mouth, we'd be lockin' more lip than you could shake a stick at. Seriously this sh*t could get Dennis laid (for the second time).

So if you're looking to shake up your game this weekend, stop in to the shop, buy a few boards, maybe some gear, and a new pair of kicks and we'll throw you more than a bakers dozen of these Stride packs fo free! This deal is hot!!!


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Ok, so first off let me introduce you to the latest installment to the Cal Surf blogosphere....Kyle's Killer Product Reviews. Don't ask who Kyle is, I just made that sh*t up, so roll with it.

I'm gonna try to get into the shop a few times a week to load up my internet basket with tons of hot sh*t product to...yeah, review. So without further adu, me and all of my hot sh*t friends are proud to present the first issue of Kyle's Killer Product Reviews.

Ok, so these joints caught the eye of Yung Extreme whist we were hanging at the shop lighting each others farts on fire. Once she pointed them out I was all "Oh word??" and she was all, "Chaboy!!" and Munz was all "Theygo!!" Put them sh*ts on and we were all like "G-buuuuuuuuh!!"

So, a few undeniable points for your consideration....

1. If you haven't already boarded the "Fake Ray Ban (or for those who are pulling maximum chedder, Real Ray Ban) Party Trend Train," than you are most likely Amish, into Dave Matthews, or have a perfectly good pair of Aviators sitting on top of your backwards and upside down visor that you got in Cabo during spring break '06.

2. Everybody's got a pair of these sh*ts.... I've got like 4 pairs on as I type and it's 10:15pm.

3. Airblaster...as an overall name for a company (or for anything else for that matter) gets like 100 stars out of 10.

4. These things are cheaper than sucker punching a blind kid in the back of the head for a bag of Fritos.

5. These won't increase your chances of picking up hotter chicks, however, they have a proven to increase overall game spitting by nearly 38% with a mediocre chick return rate of 64%.

If these weren't enough reasons for Scott to reorder 30 pairs, I don't know what is. Get into the shop and check out these and all the rest of the Airblaster gear.

Ever seen a dog this hyped on reppin' a pair of shades?