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The Veloce came out a couple of months ago and we want to know what you think. We want your feedback. You feeling the new toecap? how about the Zoom Tre inspired Sole? How does it skate? Hows it feel when your just chilin? WE WANNA KNOW! We wanna know all of it.

So... Pick a pair up for only $60, skate em, wear em, and give us your feedback. thats $25 off the retail price of $85.

We'll help you out, if you help us out.


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       Once upon a time Minneapolis Hip-Hop fans thought that the void left by Atmosphere would never be filled.  However like pieces in a progressive puzzle, Doomtree fell out of the sky and into our collective conciousness.  Their new breed of indy and punk inspired Hip-Hop was the perfect next step in Minneapolis's indpendent music scene.  Oh and did I mention these dudes and lady (hey hey hey Dessa) are all down for skateboarding?  It only made sense that they become the first crew to be down with Cal Surf, and make up their official music team.  Doomtree has been on a path of destruction as of late with releases by almost every member of their crew as well as a Doomtree album in the last six months.  The latest is P.O.S, with his new album "Never Better" which is available now!  So cop that shizz and check out their latest video.