Fourstar Fall goods

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Rogue Status Fall Line

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Rogue Status Gun Show in Tees, hoodies, Jacktes and more!

Winter is well on its way

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The leaves will soon start to change and fall to the ground, then like it always does, winter will be here. Before the snow falls shred some leaves, why not?! these guys did it:

Zimtstern "Leaves" from Zimtstern Snowboarding on Vimeo.

Thanks to Pete for pointing this one out

September Nike SB General Release Sneakers and more

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Team Thunder Beauville

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This video is gonna be amazing, jordan Michilot has got some tricks as well as local Dude Joe Mertes. Check out the teaser here

Jonas Michilot and Jordan Walczak's Art Show Opening Recap

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Here are some pics from the opening from last weekend, my camera died but Good guy and friend Joe Mertes' camera were snapping pics like crazy here they are. The show and its opening was also featured over at the Video Grass blog.


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The Skateboard Film Festival Trailer #1 from The Skateboard Film Festival on Vimeo.


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As the days get shorter, long boxes start showing up at the door of CalSurf.  All these carry new snowboards, but wait, where are the ones you don't have to strap into?  Don't worry kids, we will have them soon enough!  We are getting Ambition Snowskates in again this year, just in time for that long midwest winter.  Be on the lookout in early October because they sold out super quick last year.

Meanwhile peep the teaser that just dropped for their video, True Color: